Quick Start

First of all decided if you want to create a new EditorWindow, DecoratorDrawer, PropertyDrawer, or Editor.

Derive from the appropriate base class:
* LayoutEditorWindow
* LayoutDecoratorDrawer
* LayoutPropertyDrawer
* LayoutPropertyEditor

Override the onCreateLayout method and set a layout.

For example:
        protected override void onCreateLayout() {
            Layout = new VBoxLayout().
                addItem(new IntSlider(
                    () => CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("damage").intValue,
                    v => CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("damage").intValue = v,
                    "Damage" )).
                    new ProgressBar(
                        () => CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("damage").intValue / 100.0f,
                    visibleIf(() => !CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("damage").hasMultipleDifferentValues) ).
                addItem(new IntSlider(
                    () => CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("armor").intValue,
                    v => CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("armor").intValue = v,
                    "Armor" )).
                    new ProgressBar(
                        () => CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("armor").intValue / 100.0f,"Armor").
                    visibleIf(() => !CurrentProperty.FindPropertyRelative("armor").hasMultipleDifferentValues) ).
Layouts are created in a hierarchy.
Layouts can contain other layouts or controls.

Some controls, such as widgets, may also have their own layout and child controls.  A horizontal Splitter for example has a left and right layout.

See the examples in the Tests folder for some ideas how to use the layouts.  The EnhancedHierarchy and PrefabExplorer are also good examples.