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Enhanced Editor Controls

Enhanced Editor Controls provides a more intuitive interface to the inspector and editor window controls.  This makes it far easier to get the custom interfaces you want rather than fighting with hard to use editor APIs.  Anyone familiar with Qt, wxWidgets, Swing, and other modern GUI systems will find the controls and layouts familiar.

* Standard editors such as int, float, text
* Fully customizable buttons and labels
* Tree, Table, and List Views
* Foldouts, Title Bars
* Progress Bar
* Comboboxes
* Object Editor similar to the Inspector
* Toggles, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons
* Horizontal and Vertical Lines, Spacers
* Wait Cursor

* Group Box
* Foldout
* Scroll Area
* Horizontal and Vertical Splitters
* Tabs
* Menu Bars and Tool Bars
* Status Bar

* Horizontal, Vertical
* Stacked
* Flow
* Grid
* Panel
* Form

...and tons more!!

Base classes are provided for property drawers, property editors, editor windows, and decorator drawers.

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