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Common Dialogs

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Common Dialogs is a Unity Asset Packet for simple dialogs to help quickly get a project up and running.  They are easily customized to your graphic style.

Dialogs Provided:
* File Browser Dialog - save file, load file, and folder path selection
* Input Dialog - get a string, integer, float, username, password, or email from a user
* Progress Dialog - simple progress meter
* Notification Message - small popup window for notification messages
* Message Box - basic dialog for displaying text to the user with option buttons such as Ok, Cancel, Yes, No, etc.
* Login Dialog - get a username and password from a user
* MenuBar
* ToolBar

Screen Shots:

File Dialog:

Popup Menus:

Notification Messages:

Message Box with optional buttons:

Menubar and Toolbars:

Login Dialog:

Input Dialog:

Progress Dialog:

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